Drill Through

This data drill functionality allows the user to drill through a data dimension.

Check-out the given walk-through on how to Drill through a dimension value.

The Drill Through option allows the users to drill down in the data values of a saved view on the storyboard for the selected story.

  • Navigate to the Storyboard of a Story.

  • Select a View from the Storyboard which has at least one Dimension.

  • Select the Analyse option for the selected View.

  • The View opens in the Analyse window.

  • Use the left-click on the specific depiction of the data (E.g., Use a click on the Column Stack display of the BU 5 team).

  • A context menu opens displaying the Drill Into and Drill Through options.

  • Select the Drill Through option.

  • The related options to drill through appear.

  • Select one option to drill through (E.g., The gender-Wise option is selected for the below-given image).

  • The View gets modified based on the selected drill through option (E.g., the gender wise sum of the monthly salary is displayed via the Data Grid).

Please Note: Click the Close icon given next to the selected Drill Through option to get back to the original View display.

  • You can select any other option from the Drill Through menu (It is applicable only once you close the drilled through data display).

  • The customised data as per the selected drill-through option gets displayed. E.g., the following image displays the Designation wise sum of the Monthly salary for the BU 5 team.

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