AI Search

The AI Search feature facilitates the user to search specific data queries across the data stores by using text or voice. The user can drill into any granularity of the data using this interactive AI Search option.

  • Click the Data Catalog/ AI Search icon provided on the Platform homepage.

  • The following Search Space appears.​

  • Click on the Data Catalog Search option to get the AI Search.​​

  • The search space for the AI Search appears.​

  • Type a specific data query in the given search space.

  • Click the Search icon provided on the Search space or click the Enter key.

  • The searched data query result appears in the form of a View on the screen.

  • The user can visualize the same data using any of the given charting options in the chart menu.

  • The right side of the screen displays searched query in a default display choosing another charting category (E.g., Mixed chart in this case).

  • The user gets deeper insights into the selected dimension like dimension distribution using the Pie chart.

  • Various stacks get displayed at the bottom right side of the screen.

  • It will also display the omitted words from the query.

Please Note: The user can access a voice-based search by clicking the Search by voice icon.

Check out the below-given video to understand how BDB AI Search helps you to build intuitive reports.

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