Non-admin User Roles

User Defined Roles

Check out the walk-through on how to assign customised roles to users.

The user allocated to any group other than Admin Role with the limited credited permissions gets the non-admin user role category. The non-admin users may have customised access to platform modules based on the rights given by their administrator.

  • Select a non-admin user group (E.g., Sample Group).

  • Add a user to that group.

  • Check out various access permissions provided to the user group or customize the given permissions to the group (E.g., the below permissions are given for the Sample Group).

  • App Permissions: The group has permission to access the Data Center and Designer modules.

  • Folder Permissions: The group has permissions to Rename, Copy , and Move to.

  • File Permissions: The group has file permissions to modify and rename a file document.

  • Save the User group updates.

  • A confirmation message appears to inform that the group updates are saved.

  • Login with the user credentials who is added to the Sample Group.

  • Open the Apps menu. You will find only the permitted modules accessible to the user.

  • Try to access the attributive options by clicking on the Options icon on the My Documents page. You can see that the user gets only limited (permitted) options. E.g., Only the Create Folder option is visible in the following image.

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