The user can add multiple Views on a single screen signified as a Storyboard. They can add any number of Views based on various data stores on a single storyboard. The users can create a new View, apply Global Filter, and save an altered View using the storyboard. The user can instantly modify themes, avail data drill, and export a business story to the desired format all from this single screen. The user can further instantly add a new View using the Search option provided on the vertical panel of the Storyboard.

The following image provides an overview of how a Storyboard may look with Views added to it across multiple data sources.

Describing the Storyboard icons:


Data Search Bar

Searches the queried data from the selected Data Store

Create New View

Redirects users to the Design workspace to design a new view

Save Story

Saves the story with all the added views

Global Filter

Filters data from the multiple views saved on the storyboard

Applied Filter

Displays the list of applied filters on the selected story

Shared Views

Redirects the user to select and add the available shared view(s) to the storyboard

Refresh Views

Refreshes the story with all the existing views


Exports the story in CSV, XLSX, PDF, and PPT format

Alert Center

Redirects to schedule an alert for the story

Change Theme

Displays various themes to be applied to the story

Data Store Information

Opens necessary information for the selected Data Store

Start Tour

Begins the guided tour of the selected page


Redirects to add a description of the story

Full Screen/Reduce Size

Displays the full-screen view of the Storyboard or reduces the display of the Storyboard screen

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