Sorting Documents

This feature allows users to sort documents by selecting a specific order on the platform homepage.

The following options are provided to display the available documents on the platform homepage:

1. Alphabetical/Name (Ascending and Descending)

2. Date (Ascending and Descending)

3. Custom

  • Click the Sort By icon on the platform homepage.

  • A context menu opens with the following sorting options:

How to apply a sorting option to the documents?

Select an option from the context menu. E.g., The Date option is selected in the following image:

The platform documents get sorted as per the selected order. E.g., The following image shows documents sorted by date.

Custom Sort
  • The user can set a customized order of the document by choosing the Custom order option.

  • By selecting the Custom option, the user gets directed to a new window.

  • Set a customized order of displaying the available documents or folders by using the given arrows.

  • The records will get shuffled as per the selected order.

  • Click the Save option to save your selected order of display.

Please Note:

  1. The platform homepage displays the saved documents as My Documents by default.

  2. A Search Bar has been provided on the Platform homepage to search the specific folders and files.

  3. Documents can be sorted in ascending order by default; users need to click on the Name option again to sort the documents in descending order.

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