User Status

This feature helps the administrator to identify the various status of the platform users and enable an expired user account.

  • Navigate to the User Management page.

  • You can see two drop-down menus.

    • Type: It contains the following authentication types as drop-down options.

      • Enterprise

      • Window AD

      • CA PPM

      • AWS Cognito

    • Status: It includes the following user status as drop-down options

      • Active

      • Blocked

      • Expired

      • Deleted

Please Note: You can select any combination of the filter values mentioned above to display filtered/customized lists of users. E.g., The given image displays a filtered user list with all the blocked Enterprise users.

Activating an Expired User Account

  • Select Expired as the status option.

  • A list of all expired user accounts/ groups appears.

  • Click the Activate icon to activate a specific user/user group.

  • Click the Reset Password option to set a new password for an activated user.

Please Note:

By clicking the Activate option an expired user account can be activated. The user can use the old password. However, when the user uses the Reset Password option, the same user gets activated with a new password (In this case, the user needs to set a new password).

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