Semi Gauge

The Semi Gauge component is used to show the progress towards a goal. Target will be marked and the pointer shows our progress.

Default Chart Image:

Properties of the Semi Gauge:

  • Background: The user can enable border, change the border color, and border-radius. Also, can enable the shadow, change the shadow color and transparency of that shadow. If the user is giving 2 or more colors in the gradient its position can be adjusted by Gradient Rotation.

  • General: The user can change the height, width, top, and left. If initial visibility is unchecked, then the chart won’t be visible at the first preview. If the user enables the ticks, then the user can see marker lines on the semi-gauge. If the user enables the ‘show title’ option and gives some units in the ‘Title’ section it will get displayed inside the gauge at the top position.

  • Indicators: Colors for the range can be specified under the range section. Also, what is the current value of the gauge and the target can be specified under ‘Value Variable’ and ‘Target Value’. Also, Minimum and maximum range can be given.

  • Style: The user can set the speedometer width and needle within this section. ‘Needle color’ can be changed to adjust the semi-gauge needle color. ‘Center color’ for semi-gauge center circle color. Also, the user can change the label font color, title font color, font family size, etc. under this section.

General Properties:

Formatter Properties:

Background Properties:

Indicator Properties:

The Semi Gauge after changing its properties:

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