Bulk User Creation

The current option provided under the Configuration and Settings tab helps the administrator to create multiple users using a standard template.

  • Click the Bulk Users Creation option from the Configuration and Settings options.

  • The Bulk User Creation page opens.

  • The Bulk User Creation gets completed in two steps, as explained below:

    • Step- 1 Download the Standard Template

      • Navigate to the Bulk User Creation page.

      • Click the Download icon.

      • A model template for the bulk user creation gets downloaded.

  • The admin can insert multiple users in the downloaded user template.

  • Use the following format (as shown in the image) to enter the user details.

  • Steps-2 Upload a file with multiple usernames

    • Navigate to the Bulk User Creation page.

    • Use the Choose File option to select the file with multiple usernames.

    • Click the Upload option.

  • A success message appears to confirm that a new user has been created.

  • The newly created users display in the user list provided inside the User Management module.


  • The users created through the Bulk User Creation functionality get added to the View Role user group by default.

  • The admin can manually provide a user group to the users created via the Bulk User Creation option. The administrator can allow different user groups to the users created via the Bulk User Creation functionality.

  • The CP_spacekey column provided in the user template refers to Custom Properties values that the administrator can insert to restrict the display of data for specific users. It is optional information. The admin can insert the user group-related custom properties value to restrict data display for the newly created users.

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