Language Mapping

Pre-requisite: The user must configure the Language Mapping part using the Admin module of the Platform, before accessing the Language Mapping functionality for a Dashboard.

Check out the given walk-through on how to map multiple languages with Designer.

  • Select a saved dashboard using the Designer plugin.

  • Access the Title properties of the dashboard and make sure that the title description is provided in the “{}” brackets (if not then modify it accordingly)

Please Note:

a. Use “{}” brackets for all the descriptive text that you want to translate by the newly created Language Mapping. E.g., Tooltip, Description of X and Y-Axis, etc.

b. Use the Data Set Properties to Configure the Categories and Series description for the language mapping, as shown below:

  • Open the Dashboard Properties Panel and configure the Language Properties, as shown below:

    • Enable the Language Mapping by using a checkmark in the given box.

    • Use a checkmark in the given box to Hide the Curly Braces.

    • Click on the icon to select a mapping option.

    • The Language Mapping Selection window opens.

    • Select a language using the Mapping List drop-down menu.

    • Click the Save option.

  • Open the Script window for Component.

  • Make sure that the desired language’s name is mentioned in the script.

  • Click the Preview icon.

  • The dashboard title and other descriptions get translated into the selected language.

Please Note:

  • The old dashboards do not open while using the Mapping option. The users need to create a new dashboard to access this functionality.

  • The users can use the Language Settings functionality for the below-given dashboard charting components:

    • Title and Subtitle description

    • X-axis and Y-axis description (second Axis description)

    • Inbuilt Legends, Timeline Legends.

    • Legend component and static legends

    • Title of filters

    • Header name of Grids

    • Pie chart without a category: Legends

    • Tooltips and custom tooltip

    • Export, Filter Saver, URL button, Bullet, Gauge, Semi gauge titles

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