Notebook Operations

This section aims at describing the various operations available under the Notebook tab.

This section aims at describing the following operations for a Notebook:

  • Save Model & Load Model : You can train, save, and load the models (Sklearn, Keras/TensorFlow, PyTorch)

  • Predict: You can predict the model outputs inside the notebook.

  • Save Artifacts: You can save the plots and datasets as Artifacts inside a Notebook.

  • Find and Replace: You can search for a specific text inside your code and replace it if needed.

  • Secrets: You can generate Environment Variables to save your confidential information from getting exposed.

  • Algorithms: You can get steps on how to do Algorithm Settings and Project level access to use Algorithms inside Notebook.

  • Transforms: Save and load models with transform script, register them or publish them as an API through DS Lab module.

Please Note: The given Notebook operations should be performed in this sequence only:

Save Model -> Load Model -> Predict -> Save Artifacts

Other Notebook Operations

The Notebook operations icons (as provided below) help to apply various actions to the code when clicked. They are provided on the top right side of the Notebook page.

IconIcon NameAction

Add Pre cell

Adds a code cell before the first cell.


Saves the Notebook updates.

Delete cell

Removes the selected cell.

Undo Delete cell

Reverts the Deleted cell.

Cut cell

Cuts the code from a specific cell.

Copy cell

Copies the code from a specific cell.

Paste cell

Pastes the cut or copied code to the selected cell.

Run Current cell

Runs code given for a specific cell.

Run all cell

Runs the codes for all the cells.

Interrupt cell

Stops/Interrupts the running of selected code(s).


Stops the Kernel/Disconnects the instance and allocated resources.

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