Migrating a Pipeline

Migrating Pipeline

  • Click the GIT Migration option from the admin menu panel.

  • Click the Import File option that gets displayed below.

  • The Import Document page opens.

  • Click the Import option.

  • The Migration – Document Import page opens.

  • Select the New Vcs option for the Version Control Configuration.

  • Select the Pipeline module from the Select a Module drop-down menu.

  • Search a pipeline name in the given Search bar.

  • The customised list of the imported pipeline appears.

  • Select a pipeline from the displayed list.

  • Available versions of the selected pipeline appear.

  • Select a version using the given checkbox.

  • The Migrate option appears below. Click the Migration option.

  • A success message appears to confirm the completion of the migration action.

  • The Migrated pipeline can be seen on the Pipeline List page.

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