Tooltip(Default & Custom)

Check out the walk-through given below on how to Tooltip are configured in the Designer charting components.

  • The Tooltip property block is available under the component property section.

  • Tooltip block contains ‘Show Tool Tip ’, ‘Background Color ’, ‘Opacity ’, ‘Border Color ’, ‘Box Width ’, ‘Precision ’ & ‘Highlighter ’.

    • Show Tool Tip: Configures tooltip as Default, Custom, or None.

    • Background Color: Configures tooltip background color.

    • Opacity: Configures tooltip background color opacity.

    • Border Color: Configures the border color of the tooltip.

    • Box Width: Configures the width of the tooltip box it contains a select box from where width can assign to the tooltip box.

    • Precision: Configures the tooltip display data precision.

    • Highlighter: By enabling this property through the checkbox tooltip highlighted field background color change.

  • Show Tool Tip: By clicking this a model box opens which contains three radio buttons, its default selection is ‘Default ’

    • None: On selection of None, the tooltip doesn't be shown on the selected component.

    • Default: It's by default a selected tooltip, that displays the default configuration of the selected component.

    • Custom: On selection of Custom, tooltip content can be configured.

  • Custom Tool Tip: On selection of Custom, an editable text box opens.

  • Editable text box contains property buttons on top, a select box that contains all the fields of the data set, and a save and cancel button.

  • Editable text box contains selected fields of data set by default.

  • Custom Tooltip configuration

    • Additional fields can be selected from the select box.

  • Display name then field name inside the bracket, field data replaces brackets.

  • After selection of the content font properties like font color, font size, font family, etc can be changed from property buttons.

  • <htmlTag></htmlTag>: With the help of this tag, any HTML content can be passed directly into tooltip.

  • Video and image can be displayed in the tooltip through this HTML tag.

  • The field which contains video links that name would be written in the brackets after "scr=" for example src=[Field Name]. For displaying a single video or image the only link to that particular video or image need to give under "src=" for example src=""

  • Font Color property does not support Internet Explorer.

  • For changing the field data font property, you need to select the entire bracket otherwise value won’t be displayed in the tooltip.

Mobile Tooltip configuration

  • For Timeline, Bar, Heatmap & Pie mobile specific Tooltip is available.

  • This Tooltip works only when the component is in maximized state.

  • Default Tooltip can be enabled through this script-->

// SSDK.getWidget( 'ComponentID').m_mobiletooltipstyle = "default";ome code

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