Publishing a Data Sheet

Check out the given illustration on how to Publish a Data Sheet to the Platform homepage.

The user can publish a data sheet by clicking the Publish icon.

  • Navigate to the Data Sheets list.

  • Select a Data Sheet from the Data Sheets list (E.g., Sample Data Sheet in the following image).

  • Click the Publish icon for the selected Data Sheet.

  • The Publish Data Sheet window opens.

  • Select USER LIST or USER GROUPS tab to share the published Data Sheet (Use the EXCLUDE USER tab if you want to exclude any user from the rights to access a data sheet).

  • Click the Save option.

  • A confirmation message appears as shown below.

  • Another confirmation message appears to inform that the datasheet has been updated successfully.

  • The selected Data Sheet gets published on the My Documents space of all the selected user/s.

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