The administrator can configure the account password information using this option.

  • Click the Password option from the list of configuration and Settings options.

  • The Password Settings page appears.

  • Provide the following information:

    • Password Expiry (Days): Set password validity (in days)

    • Password Strength (: Set password length (6 to 16)

    • Password Reuse: Set a limit to restrict the user from using an old password (the last 3 passwords cannot be reused)

    • Login Failures (No. of User Login Failure): Set the number of chances provided to the user for logging in with wrong passwords (Maximum 3 login chances are provided to a user. The user account gets blocked if a user enters the wrong password more than 3 times.)

Please Note:

  • The administrator can block any user who fails to enter the correct password 3 times.

  • A user can log in with the same password only when the administrator enables the user again.

    (The password must be a combination of alphabetical letters, numerical figures, and a unique character. E.g., Admin1@)

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