Sharing a Notebook

Share your DSL Notebook across the teams.

Check out the walk through on how to share a Notebook.

  • Navigate to the Notebook tab for a DS Lab project.

  • Select a Notebook from the list.

  • Click the Share icon.

  • The Share Notebook page opens.

  • Select a tab out of USER, USER GROUP, and EXCLUDE USER tabs.

  • Search for a specific user or user group to share the Notebook.

  • Select a User or user group from the respective tabs (as displayed in the given image for the USER tab).

  • Use the single arrow mark to move the user (By selecting the icon containing both the arrows will move all the users).

  • The selected user or user group will get moved to the right hand side box.

  • Click the Save option.

  • A notification message appears, and the Notebook gets shared.

  • Login to the Platform using the credentials of the user to whom the Notebook is shared.

  • Navigate to the DS Lab module.

  • The Shared Project gets the letter "s" to indicate that it is shared to the user. Click the shared project

Please Note: The Project gets shared by default with the concerned Notebook while using the Share function for a Notebook.

  • ()

  • The shared Project opens.

  • The shared Notebook also gets indicated with the letter "s".

Please Note:

  1. The user with whom the project has been shared appears in the right-side box.

  2. If the project is shared with a user group, then all the users under that group appear under the right-side box.

  3. If the EXCLUDE USER tab is selected the user gets excluded from the rights to access the Notebook.

  4. A Shared Notebook or a Shared Project will not have permissions to Share, Edit or Delete by the user to whom it has been shared.

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