Export Options

Check out the given walk-through on how to use various Export options on the Designer charts.

  • Navigate to the Designer homepage.

  • Click the Dashboard Designer option.

  • Click the Add Dashboard option (You can use the New option to create a new dashboard).

  • The Dashboard Canvas page opens.

  • Click the Data Connectors icon.

  • Create a new Data Connection.

  • Click the Component Library icon.

  • The charts menu opens.

  • Select a chart component and drag it to the dashboard canvas. E.g., the Bar chart is used in the below-given image.

  • Use the Dataset option to associate the data connection with the dragged charting component.

  • Provide the data fields under the Category and Series.

  • Open the Component Properties.

  • The Export Options get displayed.

  • Use a checkmark to enable the Context menu for the Export options.

  • The Context menu will appear based on the selected Export options.

  • Based on the provided information for the following list the information will get exported:

    • Export Heading

    • Export Sub-Heading

    • Export File Name

    • Global Export Type

  • Navigate to the dashboard preview screen.

  • Use the right click to get the Export Context menu.

  • Click on an Export category.

  • The Dashboard gets downloaded in the concerned export option.

  • Click the Print Preview option to print the Dashboard preview.

  • Click the Show Data option to display the data in a grid format.

Please Note: While saving a dashboard (for the first time) the user gets Export option choosing which the dashboard gets exported as a BVZX file.

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