Modifying a Notebook

Add or modify Notebook Name and Description.

Check-out the illustration on how to modify a Notebook.

Editing Notebook Name

  • Navigate to a newly created Notebook (A default name will be given to the Notebook).

  • Click the Edit Notebook Name icon.

  • Provide the desired name to the newly created Notebook by editing/removing the default name.

  • Click the Save icon provided to save Notebook updates.

  • The status for the Notebook updates appears as saved indicating that the Notebook name has been saved.

  • A notification message appears to convey the same.

Adding Notebook Description

  • Navigate to a Notebook page. E.g., The below image displays the Demo Notebook page.

  • Add a description of the Notebook in the given space.

  • The Notebook status turns into Unsaved.

  • Click the Save icon.

  • The Notebook description gets added.

  • The Notebook status turns into Saved.

  • A notification message appears to indicate that the recent Notebook updates are saved.

viii) The description gets saved in the Notebook and it can be seen in the Notebook list as well.

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