Turn your Script into a Model

Saving & loading a Data Science Lab model

Check-out the walk-through on how to save and load a DSL Model.

Once the Notebook script is executed successfully, the users can save them as a model. The saved model can be loaded into the Notebook.

Saving a DSL Model

  • Navigate to a Notebook.

  • Write code using the following sequence:

    • Read DataFrame

    • Define test and train data

    • Create a model

  • Execute the script.

  • Get a new cell.

  • Give a model name to specify the model.

  • Execute the cell.

  • After the code gets executed, click the Save Model notebook in a new cell.

  • The saved model gets listed under the Models list.

Loading a DSL Model

  • Click on a new cell and select the model by using the given checkbox to load it.

  • The model gets loaded into a new cell.

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