Drill Into

This data drill allows the user to penetrate into deeper granularity level of the time dimension.

Check-out the given walk-through on the Drill Into functionality.

The Auto Data Drill allows users to drill down in the time values of a saved view on the storyboard for the selected story.

Pre-requisite: The user must define a hierarchical pattern among the date dimensions under the Data Center Module before using the Data Drill/ Drill into functionality in Story.

Defining the Hierarchy Drill for a Date Dimension

  • Select an existing Data Store (or you can define the hierarchy while creating a new Data Store).

  • Navigate to the Hierarchy Definition tab.

  • Select a Date Dimension field.

  • Click the add icon to add a new Drill Def space.

  • Drag the selected Data Dimension to the Drill Def space (By default the dragged Date Dimension gets divided into 3 granularity levels).

  • Click the Next option.

Please Note: The user needs to save the Data Store with the defined hierarchy. Please refer the Data Stores section to know details on how to finish the Data Store creation.

Using the Drill Into option in the Story module

  • Select the time dimension with the defined hierarchy drill and drag it to create a View.

  • Click the Save icon to save the view on the Storyboard.

  • Access the saved view on the Storyboard. Use the double-clicks to open it in the Analyse mode or Click the Analyse option for the saved View.

  • The Analyse window opens displaying Year as the highest-level granularity of the date drill.

  • Select the Drill into option for drilling down the time-dimension.

  • By clicking the Yearly granularity of the time value, the user gets the monthly value displayed in the selected view.

  • Click on the monthly granularity to display the exact dates of joining.

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