KPI Tile

Check out the given walk-through on how to set the KPI Tile chart properties.

The KPI Tile displays the sum of quantity for ongoing evaluation.


General Settings

  • Label: Insert Label for the displayed value

  • Label Colour: Select a label colour from the menu

  • Label Font Size: Set the font size for the label

  • Value Colour: Select a value colour from the menu

  • Value Font Size: Set the font size of the displayed value

  • Exclude Global Filter: The view will be excluded from the Global Filter condition by using a checkmark in the box

View Filter

  • Filter: Select a view filter condition from the drop-down menu

Primary Value Axis

  • Format Type: Select a desired format type from the drop-down menu (the provided options for this field are: None, Auto, Percent, Thousand, Lacs, Crore, Million)

  • Currency Type: Select a currency symbol to be displayed in the view (the provided options for this field are: None, Euro, Rupees, Pound, USD, Yen, Cent)

  • Precision: Set the after-decimal value (It will show up to 5 precision)

E.g., the below given image displays the Sum of Monthly Salary in INR, where the selected Format is Thousand, and the Precision value is shown up to three numbers.

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