Excel Connection

Steps to develop a data connection based on the Excel file.

Check out the given illustration on how to create an Excel connection and associate it to a charting component.

  • Click the Data Connectors icon to display all the available data sources.

  • Click the Create New Connection icon provided next to the Excel option.

  • A new connection gets added under the Excel connection type.

  • The connection-specific details get displayed on the right side of the page.

  • Configure the following information:

  • Name: Name the connection.

  • Browse: Click the Browse icon to browse an Excel file.

  • Sheet Name: Select a specific sheet using the drop-down menu.

  • Load at Start: Enable this option to get the updated data from the data source before loading it into charts.

  • The Field Set tab displays all the fields after establishing the data connection.

Select the Condition tab and provide a condition to be applied as a filter on the selected data by putting checkmarks in the given boxes.

E.g., The selected Conditions for the Category field is Catalog.

  • Select the Script on Load icon to trigger a script to produce some action on the connection.

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