Order by and Limit

Check out the given walk-through to understand the Order by and Limit functions for a View.

The user can sort data values displayed in a chart by using this option from the chart Properties.

  • Drag and Drop the desired dimensions and measures to create an instant view.

  • The Mixed chart gets selected by default to present the dragged data values.

  • Open the Properties tab.

  • By default, the None option gets selected for the Order field.

  • The user gets the following options to display the selected data in a particular order.

    • None

    • Ascending

    • Descending

    • Manual Sort

  • The Order By and Limit options get displayed if the selected Order option is either Ascending or Descending.

    • Order By: Select an option from the drop-down list to set the order of the view (the dragged dimension and measure display in the Order By drop-down list)

    • Limit: Insert a number to limit the displayed dimension and measured values.

  • The View gets filtered with the provided order by and limit options.

Please Note:

  • This feature does not work for KPI tile, Semi Gauge, Map, Treemap Chart, and Metric Summary.

  • The view-specific Sort By option is provided on the storyboard.

Sort based on Non-existing Dimension

The Design workspace contains the Hidden category to drop a Dimension to sort the View Data. The dragged dimension to the Hidden category gets added to the Order By drop-down menu from where the user can use it to order the display of the current view.

  • Create a View by dragging some Dimension and Measure.

  • Apply some Order and Sorting using the Order and Order By fields. E.g., for the current image the Order is Ascending and the View is Order By the Sum of monthly salary.

  • Drag one Dimension to the Hidden space.

  • Open the Order By option from the Properties tab.

  • The dragged Dimension gets listed under the Order By context menu.

  • The View gets sorted by the hidden Dimension as well.

Manual Sort

The users can manually sort a view by choosing the customized order they require. They can save the customized order and reuse it whenever required.

  • Navigate to the Design workspace.

  • Choose any combination of one Dimension and Measure.

  • A chart gets displayed in some order (by default, the None order option gets selected).

  • Select the Manual Sort option using the Order drop-down icon.

  • Click the new icon that appears for Manual Sort.

  • The Manual Sort window opens.

  • Select the New tab.

  • Enter a title for the Order Name.

  • The dragged Dimension appears in the Select Dimension drop-down list.

  • Arrange the fields by dragging them or using the arrows (move up, move down, move to the top, move to bottom) to arrange them in order. E.g., In the below-given image, the BU 6 is selected to Move to Top of the list.

  • Click the APPLY option after arranging the fields in the desired order.

  • The selected Dimension value moves as per the selected order.

  • The View fields get displayed in the selected Manual Sort order.

Please Note: The Saved tab lists all the saved Orders by the user. Follow the below-given steps to use a saved order.

  • Open the Saved tab from the Manual Sort window.

  • Select a saved order using the Select Order drop-down.

  • Click the SAVE & APPLY option.

  • The saved manual sort applies to the current view.

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