Creating a Range

Check out the given walk through on how to create a Range using the Create Formula window.

The user can create a new calculated field in the selected data store using the Range tab.

  • Navigate to the Design Workspace.

  • Click the Formula Field Editor icon.

  • The Create Formula window opens.

  • Select the RANGE tab.

  • Name: Provide a title for the formula field.

  • Measure: Select a Measure field using the drop-down menu.

  • Click the ADD ROW option.

  • Provide the following information for the created range:

    • Name: Provide a name for the defined range.

    • From: Set a minimum value to define a specific range.

    • To: Set a maximum value to define a specific range.

  • Click the SAVE option.

  • The selected Data Store gets a new calculated field.

Please Note: Range will not be listed for the space where MongoDB server is configured in the Admin Settings. The Range functionality is available only if the Elastic Search configuration is done from the Admin Settings.

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