Save Artifacts

Save plots and datasets inside Notebook as Artifacts

Check out the walk-through on how to Save Artifacts.

Please Note: The user can save the artifacts of a predicted model using this option.

  • Add a new cell.

  • Click the Save Artifacts.

  • Give proper dataframe name and Name of Artifacts (with extensions - .csv/.txt/.json)

  • Execute the cell.

  • The Artifacts get saved.

Please Note: The saved Artifacts can be downloaded as well.

Save Plot as Artifacts

  • Navigate to a notebook.

  • Define the save statement in the code cell for the plot you want to save as artifacts.

  • Execute the cell.

  • Refresh the Artifacts tab.

  • The plot will get saved under the Artifacts space as .png file.

  • Once the Artifacts is saved you can download it.

  • The plot will get downloaded as .png file.

Please Note: The user can also get an instant visual depiction of the data based on their executed scripts.

Download the saved Artifacts

The user can download the saved Artifacts from the Notebook page.

  • Navigate to the Artifacts option on the Notebook page and click on it.

  • The list of the saved Artifacts opens.

  • You can get the Download option in the context menu. Click on the Download option.

  • Based on the selected Artifact file type it will get downloaded to your system.

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