Provide the following information to create an MSSQL Data Connector.

  • Data Connector Name: Provide a user-defined name to identify the data connector.

  • Description: Provide connection details (Optional)

  • Username: Enter a Username (It should be the same as given in the connection server).

  • Password: Enter the Password (It should be the same as provided in the connection server).

  • IP/Host: Enter database server details (from where the user wants to fetch data).

  • Port: Provide the server port number.

  • Database Name: Name of the database where you wish to store data.

  • Click the ‘Save’ option.

  • A success message appears to confirm the connection.

  • Another success message appears to assure the creation of the new MSSQL Data Connector

  • The newly created MSSQL data connector gets added to the Data Connectors list.

Note: The user can use the following Environment Variables instead of the actual Username and Password to create the MSSQL Data Connectors.



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