TreeMap chart

Check out the given walk-through on how to set the TreeMap chart properties.

The Tree Map charts are mainly used to demonstrate vast amounts of classified data. It can be the best choice when users want to view all their hierarchical data at one time. Each rectangle represents a branch in a tree, and it also shows how much data it comprises. The size and position of the boxes are based on the quantitative variable used for the chart. Patterns across the data can be identified using the size and colour of the boxes.


General Settings

  • Order: Select a sequence for displaying data

    • None

    • Ascending

    • Descending

    • Manual Sort

  • By selecting an order (ascending or descending), users will be required to configure the following fields:

    • Order By- Select a value option from the drop-down menu to order the sequence of the data

    • Limit- Set a number to display the requested data by this limit

  • Exclude Global Filter: The view gets excluded from the Global Filter condition by turning on the radio button

  • Show Data Label: Data label gets displayed by turning on the radio button

  • Gradient: Enable or disable the colour gradient effect on the chart by using the checkmark in the box.

    • By enabling the Gradient option, the user gets redirected to select Start Color and End Color from the respective menus.

    • By disabling the Gradient option, the user gets redirected to select Color for the Tree map sections.

View Filter

  • Filter: Select a filter condition using the drop-down menu (E.g., ‘None’ is the selected filter condition in the following image)


  • Format Type: Select a desired format type from the drop-down menu (the provided options for this field are: None, Auto, Percent, Thousand, Lacs, Crore, Million)

  • Currency Type: Select a currency symbol to be displayed in the view (the provided options for this field are: None, Euro, Rupees, Pound, USD, Yen, Cent)

  • Precision: Set the after-decimal value (It displays up to 5 precision)

E.g., The below-given image displays the Sum of Monthly Salary sliced based on Team.


  • Text: Provide any information regarding the chart. If any digit or character is required to be highlighted, put it inside two asterisks. (E.g., *70%* or *skills*).

  • Text align: There are three alignments to align the text.

    • Left

    • Right

    • Centre

  • Position: There are two options to position the text.

    • Bottom

    • Right

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