Data Grid

Check out the given walk-through on how to set the Data Grid chart properties.

The users can see data in tabular format by selecting the Data Grid component from the chart list. Multiple values can be displayed via Grid visualization.


General Settings

  • Order: Users can order the displayed data by selecting an option from the given choices:

    • Ascending

    • Descending

    • None

    • Manual Sort (Users can manually sort the dimensions by using the indicator signs)

      • By selecting an order, the user needs to configure the following fields:

        • Order By- Select a value option from the drop-down menu to order the sequence of the data

        • Limit- Set a number to display the requested information by this limit

  • Font Size: Select a font size out of the given choices (Small, Medium, Large)

  • Bold: Use a checkmark in the box to display the fonts of the heading in Bold

  • Italics: Use a checkmark in the box to apply the Italics style to display the heading

  • Underline: Use a checkmark in the box to underline the headings of the displayed data columns

  • Font Color: Select a font color using the menu

  • Background Color: Select a background color using the menu

  • Exclude from Global Filter: Use a checkmark in the given box to exclude the view from the Global filter condition

View Filter

  • Filter: Select a filter condition from the drop-down menu.

Please Note: The users get redirected to the pop-up colour menu by clicking on Font Colour or Background Colour option.

Category and Series Properties of Grid Chart

The user can set the width of each column by configuring it from the Category Properties (for Dimensions) and Series Properties (for Measures) in the Data Grid.

  • Navigate to a view displaying data in the Data Grid.

  • Adjust the Width field.

  • Select the APPLY option.

  • Adjust the Width field.

  • Select the APPLY option.

Please Note: You can adjust the size of the Date columns as well.

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