Version Control

This section helps the user to get a private token to access multiple versions of the Data Science workflows, scripts, and models.

  • Click the Version Control option from the Configurations menu.

  • The Version Control page opens.

  • Provide the Host address of the GitLab link.

  • Select the User Credential as Token type (if the user can select the Private Token option if the user has access to the Private Token from Git Lab).

  • Provide an email address of the GIT Lab account.

  • Provide a valid password.

  • Put a checkmark in the given box to generate and store a new Private Token.

  • Click the Test option.

  • A success message appears.

  • The Private Token option gets selected.

  • The Token Key from the Git Lab account gets entered by default.

  • Select a Project from the drop-down menu.

  • Select a branch from the drop-down menu.

  • The Save option gets enabled. Click the Save option.

  • A success message appears to inform the version control update.

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