Migrating an API Service

Migrating API Service

  • Navigate to the Admin Module.

  • Click the Menu icon to open the admin menu panel.

  • Click the GIT Migration option from the Menu Panel.

  • Click the Import File option that appears. Click the Import File option.

  • Click the Import option that appears on the next page.

  • The Migration-Document Import screen appears.

  • Select the New VCS for the Version Control Configuration.

  • The Select a Module drop-down menu bar appears at the top-right side of the screen.

  • Select the API Service module using the Select a Module drop-down menu.

  • A list of the available Published API Services appears on the left side of the page.

Please Note: Only the Published and exported API Services will be visible in the list.

  • Use the search bar to search for an API Service. (Ex. Mongo)

  • The customized list appears based on the searched term.

  • Select an API service and click to open the details.

  • The various versions (if available in the GIT) of the selected API Service appear.

  • Select a version using the checkbox.

  • The following information gets displayed:

    • Data Source Names

    • Data Set Names

    • API Service Name

    • Category Name

  • Click the Migrate option.

  • The Data Connector Details dialog box appears to configure a data connector.

  • The user gets two choices:

  • Choose the Use an Existing Connector option -> Select a data connector from the drop-down menu -> Click the Save option.

  • Configure/Create a New Data Connector-> Click the Save option to save the new connector details.

Please Note: The user can choose Skip while importing a version of the concerned API Service. It is mandatory to fill in the details while migrating the API Service for the first time.

  • A notification message appears, and the selected API Service gets migrated to the Data Center module.

  • Navigate to the Data Center module.

  • Open the Data As API list.

  • The imported API service gets added to the displayed list.

Please Note:

  • The user can migrate the API service between two users, two spaces, or two servers. The Version control configuration settings should be the same for both users, spaces, and servers where the user attempts to migrate.

  • The migrated API Service should contain the same category and the Template JSON as its source.

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