Creating a Notebook

Harness the full power of popular Data Science libraries

The Notebook tab lets the user write and execute code. The user can harness the full power of popular python libraries to analyze and visualize data.

The users get two options to start with their data science exploration:

Have a look at the walk-through to create a new Notebook.

  • Click the Create Notebook option from the Notebook tab.

  • A new Notebook gets created; the user gets a notification message informing the same.

  • Click the Back icon.

  • The Notebook gets saved under the Notebook list.


  1. Edit the Notebook name by using the Edit Notebook Name icon.

  2. The accessible datasets, models, and artifacts will list down under the Datasets, Models, and Artifacts menus (In this case, there are no datasets added to the concerned Notebook.).

  3. Find/Replace menu facilitates the user to find and replace a specific text in the notebook code.

  4. Add a description for the created Notebook by using the same page.

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