The following set of steps displays how to create a HubSpot Data Connector.

  • Click the ‘HubSpot’ Data Connector icon from the Data Connector page.

  • The HubSpot Data Connector page opens.

  • The user needs to Sign in to a Hub Spot account by clicking on the ‘Select Account’ option.

  • A new page opens asking the credentials to log in to a HubSpot account. Since we are using Google credentials, so need to choose the ‘Sign in with Google’ option.

  • Choose a Google Account from the listed accounts.

  • Enter the password for the selected account.

  • Click the ‘Next’ option.

  • Choose an option from the given choices under the PRODUCTS option.

  • The HubSpot Data Connector page opens with the ‘Change Account’ option and a notification indicating that the user has successfully logged in to the selected account.

  • Provide a name for the HubSpot Data Connector.

  • Click the ‘Save’ option.

  • A success message appears, and the newly created HubSpot Data Connector gets added to the Data Connectors list.

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