Sharing a Data Connector

This option helps the user to share a Data Connector with other user(s) or user group(s). The user can also exclude a user(s) or user group(s) from the rights to access a Data Connector using the Exclude User option provided under the Share Data Connector dialog box.

  • Navigate to the Data Connectors list.

  • Select a Data Connector from the Data Connectors list.

  • Click the Share icon for the selected Data Connector.

  • The Share Data Connector window opens.

  • Select a User or User group using the user or user group tabs.

  • Use the arrow signs to move one or multiple user/user group to the right side box.

  • The selected user(s)/ user group(s) get moved to the right side box.

  • Click the Save option.

  • A confirmation message appears and the Data Connector gets shared with the selected user(s)/ user group(s).

Please Note:

  • User can share the Data Connector with a Single group or Multiple Groups using the user group tab. The set of the steps to share a Data Connector with User Group(s) are similar to the steps mentioned above for sharing a Data Connector with User(s).

  • The Exclude User tab helps to exclude the user(s) from the rights to access a Data Connector, if it is already shared. Only the users who are the part of the selected user group will list under the Exclude User tab.

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