Merged Connection

Steps to develop a data connection based on the Merged data.

Check out the given walk-through on how to create a data connection based on the multiple merged connections and associate it to a charting component.

  • Click the Data Connectors icon.

  • Create new connections using any data connector option (In this case, Excel connections are created. E.g., Connection-1, Connection-2).

  • Create a connection under the Merged Data connector. (E.g., Connection-3).

  • Configure the new connection created for Merged data by mapping the created Excel connections.

  • Define a condition via the drop-down menu in the Criteria space. (E.g. Equal or Not Equal)

  • Click the Create Criteria icon.

  • The Merged Fields displays all the data fields from the merged connections.

Please Note:

  • The users can remove the fields added to the merged data connection using the Remove icon.

  • After clicking the Create Criteria icon, the created criteria get added to space.

  • Trigger a script to produce some action on the connection part using the ‘Script on Load’ icon.

Creating a Calculated Field

Select the Calculated Fields tab to access Calculated Field Editor and add the calculated fields.

  • Click the Calculated Fields tab.

  • Click the Add icon.

  • The Calculated Field Editor window opens.

  • Provide a title for the calculated field.

  • Insert calculation formula inside the Script Editor space.

  • Click the Create option.

  • The newly created Calculated field gets added under the Calculated Fields tab.

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