Exclude from the Global Filter

Check out the walk-through on how to exclude a View from the Global Filter.

The Global filter values are applied to all the available views on a storyboard (if they are created using the same data store). The users can exclude a specific view from the Global Filter effect by selecting the Exclude from the Global Filter option.

  • Navigate to the Design mode of a view that you wish to exclude from the Global Filter effect.

  • Enable the Exclude Global Filter option from the Properties tab.

  • Click the Save icon.

  • The user gets redirected to the Storyboard.

  • Click the Global Filter icon.

  • The Filter tab opens by default to create a new Global Filter condition.

  • Select a data value from the available list.

  • Select the In condition using the drop-down list.

  • Select the global filter conditions using the displayed list of the data values (E.g., the below-given image displays BU 6 and BU 7 Teams selected with the In filter condition).

  • Click the Apply icon.

  • All the views get modified according to the Global filter, but the selected view gets excluded from the Global filter.

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