Check out the given walk-through to understand the Check Box filter component.

Check Box is used to filter data on any associated components. Enabling a check box will change the data displayed in the associated components.

Best Situation to use Check Box:

  • To filter data displayed in the associated components

  • To select multiple items at a time

Default Checkbox Image:

Properties of the Check Box filter:


  • The user can change the height, width, top and left position of the check box filter component.

  • The user can set a name to the label and change its font color-style-weight-family from the General Properties.

  • If the Show Checked option is enabled, then by default a checkmark will get enabled.

  • Chrome color is used to set the component background, also the user can change its transparency.

  • A value can be set to the Checked Value so that when the user clicks on the check box, this value will get passed.

Please Note: If initial visibility is not enabled, then the chart won’t be available for the first preview.


  • The user can get the reflection of the chart by enabling the shadow option.

  • The user can also change the color and increase/decrease the transparency of the shadow.

Modified Check box filter after changing its properties:

Check Box Use Case

The following use case explains how to connect and use a Checkbox with a Data Grid component.

  • Drag a Data Grid component to the Designer canvas.

  • Associate a Data Connection with it.

  • Drag a Check Box component from the Filter group to the canvas.

  • Open the Check box Properties, provide the necessary properties, and apply them.

    • Provide the text for the Label.

    • Provide the Checked Value.

    • Keep the Unchecked Value blank.

  • Use the component object page to write the required script at the component level.

  • Configure the Condition tab by providing a field value for the conditions (the field State is chosen in the given image).

  • Click the Preview icon to preview the Dashboard.

  • Use a check mark in the given box to display the Checked Value in the chart.

  • Uncheck the Check Box to display the Unchecked Value in the chart (In this case, no value has been assigned as Unchecked Value so it will display all the records).

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