Creating and Updating Instance

Creating Instance

Prerequisite: Please make sure that the Data Store Settings has been configured from the Admin module to access the Instance functionality for the Data Store inside a Story.

Check out the given walk-through on how to access the Create Instance icon and creating an instance using the Story module.

The Create Instance icon is used to load the data for the first time from the datastore into Elastic or MongoDB server as the configuration done in the Admin Module for Datastore Settings. The Time to Live for the data will be of 1-30 days.

  • Navigate to the Data Store list inside a new Story.

  • Select a Data Store from the list.

  • Click the Create Instance icon for the selected Data Store.

  • The Data Store instance page opens the selected Data Store.

  • Provide the Time to Live value in days. The maximum set Time to Live limit is 30 days.

  • Click the Refresh option.

  • A confirmation message appears and the Instance gets created for the selected Data Store.

  • Navigate back to the Data Store from the displayed list under a Story.

  • The Create Instance icon gets converted into the Update Instance.

Updating Instance

The permitted Time to Live limit for a Data Store is only 30 days (maximum). If it goes above that, data will not be there in the Story. Hence, the user can manually update the instance by clicking the Update Instance icon so the data will be refreshed again in the ES or MongoDB.

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