Component Panel

The Pipeline Workflow Editor page of the Data Pipeline contains a Component Panel on the left side of the page. The Component Panel lists System and Custom components of the Data Pipeline.

Sorting and Grouping Components

  • The Component Panel displays categorized list of all the pipeline components. The Components are majorly divided into two groups:

    • System

    • Custom

  • System Components- The pre-designed pipeline components are listed under the System tab.

  • Custom Components- The Custom tab lists all the customized pipeline components created by the user.

  • The Component gets grouped based on the Component type. E.g., All the reader components are provided under the Reader menu tab of the Component Pallet.

Searching a Component

A search bar is provided to search across the 50+ components. It helps to find a specific component by inserting the name in the Search Bar.

  • Navigate to the Search bar provided in the Component Pallet.

  • Type in the given search bar.

  • The user gets prompt suggestions for the searched components. E.g., While searching hd, it lists HDFS Reader and HDFS Writer components.

  • Select an option from the prompted choices.

  • The searched component appears under the System tab. (E.g., HDFS Writer component as displayed in the below image).

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