Session Manager

The ‘Session Manager’ is an administrative module to display the various status of the platform users.

  • Click the ‘Session Manager’ option from the list of Admin options.

  • The ‘Active Sessions’ page opens, displaying the Active Admin Sessions by default.

  • Select a user by using the checkbox provided next to any username.

  • Click the ‘Kill Session’ icon.

  • A window appears to confirm the action.

  • Click the ‘YES’ option.

  • The selected user’s session(s) gets killed, and a success message appears to inform the same.

  • The user gets removed from the Active Admin Session.


  • Users to whom the ‘Kill Session’ option has been applied log out of their sessions without any notification. The users need to log in again to the BDB platform.

  • Use the drop-down menu to filter the displayed list of the Active Session as per Admin or User as displayed below:

  • Use the ‘Search’ bar to search a specific user(s) from the displayed list of Active Sessions.

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