Adding a Slicer

Displaying layers in your big chunk of data based on the selected dimension.

Check out the walk-through given below on how to add a slicer.

The users can add a further dimension to the created view using the Slicer option.

  • Drag and drop one dimension and one measure to the Dimensions/ Measures column using the Design tab.

  • Drag and drop another dimension to the Slicer section (E.g., Team is used as a slicer over here).

  • The slices get displayed in the created view based on the second-dimension value via a Mixed chart (by default).

  • Order the displayed data sorting it by specific limit and order. You can also select a Style to display the data differently.

  • The displayed view gets modified accordingly and gets sliced based on the set order and limit. E.g., The below-given image displays 9 records of Skill-wise sum of experience for various teams in the Descending order.

Please Note:

  • The Slicer supports the selection of only one dimension and one measure in the Dimensions/Measures space. Another dimension should be added to the ‘Slicer’ space.

  • The Manual Sort order option does not get supported by the Slicer functionality.

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