Check out the given walk-through on how to apply the Background properties on the Designer charts.

You can insert various background properties and change the display of the chart or various charts in a dashboard.

Once you have associated a data connection with a charting component, you can select the Properties icon to open the chart related properties. To know how to create a Data Connection refer the Establishing a Data Connection section.

The following image displays the default Background Properties that open for the Column chart:

The default data preview for the column chart:

If we modify the Background properties in the following way:

The data preview with the column chart with the applied background properties appears as shown below:

  • Click the Gradient icon.

  • The Background gradient colors window opens.

  • Click the Add Color option.

  • A new color gets added for the gradient.

  • You may change the added color by using the available color pallet.

  • Click the Save option to save the added colors for the background gradient.

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