Creating a new User

  • Select the User option from the New context menu.

  • The New User form opens.

  • Fill in the following information to create a new User:

    • Email: Provide an email address to be registered for the user.

    • Short Name: Short name of the user.

    • Full Name: Full name of the user.

    • Description: Describe the user (optional).

    • Password: Set password for the new user.

    • Confirm Password: Confirm the above password.

  • Click the Assign option provided for Adding the new User to Group(s).

  • The Add Users to Group window opens, listing all the groups.

  • Either choose the Select all option or select the specific group(s) by using the checkmarks.

  • The selected group(s) will be assigned, and the number of the selected groups gets mentioned.

  • Preconfigured custom fields display under the Custom Fields heading in this form.

Please Note: You can configure the Custom Fields part using the Admin module.

  • The users need to provide the required details using the custom fields if marked as mandatory (A user gets group-specific custom fields).

  • Click the Save option.

  • A confirmation message appears.

  • The newly created user gets added to the user list.

Please Note:

  • All the user-specific details other than email id can be updated/edited by the Update User option.

  • If the new user gets added to a Group with all the permission access, the new user gets the Admin Role.

  • A single user can be a part of multiple groups, and he can get collective permissions from all the groups to access different platform modules.

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