Adding Data Sets

The Dataset tab offers a list of uploaded Datasets which can be added to a project. The user can get a list of uploaded Data Sets and Data Sandbox from the Data Center module under this tab.

The Add Datasets page offers the following Data service options to add as datasets:

  1. Data Sets – These are the uploaded data sets from the Data Center module.

  2. Data Sandbox – This option lists all the available Data Sandbox from the Data Center module.

Check out the walk-through to on how to add a data service as a dataset.

  • Navigate to a Project-specific page and click the Dataset tab (E.g., the given image displays the Dataset tab under the Sample Project).

  • Click the Add Datasets button.

  • The Add Datasets page opens offering two options to choose data:

    • Data service (gets selected by default)

    • Data Sandbox

  • Use the Search space to search through the displayed data service list.

  • Select the required data service(s) using the checkboxes provided next to it.

  • Click the Add option.

  • The selected data service(s) gets added to the concerned project.

  • A notification message appears to inform the same.

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