This tab allows to create and list the python scripts (.py files) that can be imported to your notebook.

Check out this walk-through on how to import a Utility scrip.

Importing a Utility Script

  • Navigate to the Utility tab for a Project.

  • Click the Add Script option.

  • The Add utility script page opens.

  • Provide the following information:

    • Utility Name

    • Utility Description

    • Utility Script

  • Click the Save option.

  • A confirmation message appears.

  • The newly created Utility Script gets added to the Utility list.

Importing the Utility Script inside a Notebook

  • Copy a utility file using the Utility list.

  • Navigate to the Notebook tab.

  • Create a Notebook or open an existing Notebook.

  • Add a Code cell.

  • Write code to import data with specific class.

  • Provide the Utility script as the resource to get data.

  • Specify the variables to get the class and get the data in the next code cell.

  • Provide print function to see the data.

  • Run all the cells.

  • You can get the output below.

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