Global Filter

The Global filter is meant for the entire Story. It is available on the Storyboard page.

  • Click the Global Filter icon provided on the Storyboard.

  • A filter panel opens, displaying a list of values that can be used as a filter condition.

  • Click on a Dimension to display a list containing all the sub-dimensions (Clicking a measure or time dimension would display the related fields).

  • Select the In or Not In option from the drop-down menu to apply the filtering condition. (E.g., the below-given image displays In as the selected option so that the story gets filtered as per the chosen sub-dimension(s).

  • Select sub-dimension(s) using checkmark(s).

  • Click the Apply icon.

  • The Global Filter icon gets highlighted.

  • The concerned views on the Storyboard get customized as per the applied Global Filter condition. E.g., All the displayed views have been filtered in the below-given storyboard image.

  • By selecting the Not In option, the story (views) gets filtered by not selected filter conditions (E.g., the below-given image displays the data without BU 7 team dimension.)

Please Note:

  • A Search bar has been provided for the Global Filter panel to search the available Dimensions, Measures, and Time values.

  • The global filter can be applied only to those views on the storyboard, where the filter values are used as dimensions.

  • A global filter, when applied to various views on a storyboard, subdues the view-specific filter values.

  • The user can insert views created via different data stores on one Storyboard. By default, the Global filter panel displays all the available filter values across the data stores.

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