Force Login

This functionality facilitates the user to kill active sessions while logging in after all the permitted sessions are consumed.

Check out the walk through on the Force Login functionality.

The Force Login functionality has been established to control the number of active sessions up to three. The users can access only 3 sessions at a time when they try to access the 4th session, a warning message displays to inform them that the user has consumed the permitted sessions, and a click on the ‘Force Login’ would kill all those active sessions.

  • Navigate to the BDB Platform Sign-In page.

  • Enter the valid credentials to log in.

  • Select an Auth Type from the given choices.

  • Click the Sign In option.

  • The user gets a notification that all the permitted sessions are already consumed and it will inform the user that Force Login will terminate all the active sessions.

  • Click the Force Login option if you are willing to kill the current active sessions.

  • The user gets redirected to the Platform Sign In page after clicking the Force Login option.

Please Note: The user needs to provide valid credentials once again and click the Continue option to access the platform.

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