Radio Button

Check out the below given walk-through on how to use the Radio Button filter component in Designer module.

The Radio Button component helps to filter data on other components.

Default Component Image:

Properties of the Radio Button:

  • Background: The user can get the reflection of the chart by enabling the shadow option can also change the color and increase & decrease the transparency of the shadow.

  • General: The user can change the height, width, top, left. If initial visibility is not enabled, then the chart won’t be available for the first preview. User can view the Radio button either in the form of Button or as radio. Here I have changed it to Button. Font color-size-family-style can be varied. Also, the spacing between the buttons can be adjusted. Selection color can be set, so as to identify which button user has selected. Chrome color sets the background color for these buttons also its transparency can be changed. Orientation can be changed between horizontal or vertical. Also enable Notify GV update so that whatever value user update/click in the button, its value gets updated in the connection.

General Properties:

Background Properties:

Modified Radio Button after changing its properties:

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