Semi Gauge

Check out the given walk-through on how to set the Semi Gauge chart properties.

Semi-Gauge charts contain a semi-circle with the needle pointing at the target value. They indicate a specific dataset by utilizing a semi-circle that changes color to indicate whether the monitored data is within the defined limits. Users need to set boundaries (minimum and maximum values) for the gauge scale and various colors to indicate the predetermined ranges. The ‘Show Alert’ option has been provided to indicate the situation when the target values cross the set limits.

Gauges are used in dashboards, real-time monitors, and reports. They can display Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), progress indicators, and quantity indicators.


General Settings

  • Minimum Value: Set a minimum value to be shown on the chart (It should be less than the maximum set value)

  • Maximum Value: Set a maximum value to be displayed on the chart (It should be more than the minimum set value)

  • Exclude Global Filter: The view will be excluded from the Global Filter condition by putting a checkmark in the box

  • Target: Enable target by marking in the checkbox

  • Target Value: User-defined value to set a target

  • Target Color: Set a target color

View Filter

  • Filter: Select a filter condition using the drop-down menu


  • Show Alert: Enable various ranges (in %) by marking in the checkbox

  • Value Color: Set a value color

  • Base Color: Set a base color


  • Precision: Set the after decimal value (It can show up to 5 precision)

The following image displays various ranges when the Show Alert option is enabled.

Please Note:

1. The target value should be included in the range of minimum and maximum set values.

2. Semi-Gauge supports only one measure value. It converts the selected Dimension value into Measure as it considers only Measure values.

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