Documents Folders

Available Documents

The Home page displays the following documents by clicking on the Folder icon:

1. My Documents

2. Public Documents

3. Shared Documents

4. Favorites

My Documents

  • My Documents lists all the documents created by the user or assigned to the user.

  • The documents are displayed in thumbnail format.

Public Documents

  • The Public Documents folder is available to all users.

  • Users can view documents shared by others.

Shared Documents

  • The documents shared by users can be part of the Shared Documents.

    • The users receive a view-only copy of the documents which are shared using the Share With option.

    • The documents shared via the Copy To option contain all the edit permissions for the users.

      • E.g., In the below-given image, two Story documents titled BDB Hiring Story are displayed under the Shared Documents.

  • Use the right-click on both documents to get the credited operations. You can see that one dashboard has all the documents options to modify it, while the other dashboard does not display any modification option.

Please Note: The document shared using the Copy To option gets all the permissions to modify it, while the document that is shared using the Share with option gets no permission to modify it.


  • The documents marked as a favorite by a user are saved under the Favorites document folder.

  • The documents in frequent use by the users are a part of the Favorites document folder.

  • Users can remove a document from Favorites (if desired).

  • The documents added to the Favorites do not get any permission to modify them.

  • The user can open the document added to the Favorites into a new tab.

Please Note:

  1. The My Documents space opens by default while opening the BDB Platform homepage.

  2. The Public Documents folder contains a sample folder named BDB SAMPLES by default.

The documents and folders shared under the Public Documents space also get some modification options.

Mostly the following options are provided to the folders available under the Public Documents folder:

  1. Open in New Tab

  2. Properties

  3. Add to Favorites

  4. Create New Folder

  5. Create New Story

  6. Link a URL

  7. Rename

Please Note: The documents available under the Public Documents space do not contain Move to, Copy, and Delete options unless they are created by the users.

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