Creating a Data Set using an API Connector

Check out the given GIF on how to create a Data Set using an API Connector.

  • Click the New menu from the Data Center page.

  • Select the Data Set option from the context menu.

  • The Data Source page containing all the data connectors opens.

  • Use the Data Source filter to search for a specific API Data Connector (E.g., the below image displays Google Analytics as the data source filter).

  • Select a data connector from the displayed list (E.g., in this case, a google analytics data connector is selected).

  • Click the Create Data Set icon.

  • The Google Analytics Dataset form opens.

  • Fill in the following information:

    • Dataset Name: Enter any user-defined name for the new dataset.

    • Description: Provide a brief description of the Data Set (It is an optional field).

    • Data Connector Name: This option comes pre-defined as per the selected data connector.

    • Account: This option comes pre-defined based on the selected google account.

  • The user can select specific data using the below given drop-down lists:

    • Select Web Property: Select the required web property using the drop-down menu.

    • Select View: Select the required view using the drop-down menu.

    • Dimensions: Select the required dimensions using the drop-down menu (The selected dimensions get displayed below with the ‘ga’ suffix).

    • Metrics: Select the required metrics using the drop-down menu (The selected metrics get displayed below with ‘ga’ suffix).

Please Note: The Web Property, View, and Metrics are mandatory fields to create a Google Analytics Data Set.

  • Apply Filter: Enable the filter option. The filter query gets displayed below.

  • Date Type: Select a Date Type using the given options- Fixed Type and Dynamic Type.

    • Fixed Type: Define a time range by specifying dates using the From date and To date options.

  • Dynamic Type: Select an option from the drop-down menu to define the time range.

Please Note: The Current Data Set is saved with Fixed Type option for the Date Type.

  • Click the Preview Data option.

  • The Preview options below.

  • The Save option gets enabled. Click the Save option.

Please Note: After getting the data preview in the tabular format, click the Save option.

  • A success message appears, and the newly created Google Analytics dataset gets added to the Data Sets list.

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