The following set of steps displays how to create a Salesforce data connector.

  • Select the ‘Salesforce’ icon from the Data Connector page.

  • The user gets directed to the Salesforce Connector page.

  • Select an option using the drop-down list (Salesforce/Sandbox).

  • Click the ‘Select Account’ option to select an account.

  • The Salesforce login page opens.

  • Provide valid credentials (Username and Password).

  • Click the ‘Log In’ option.

  • The Salesforce Connector page reopens with the ‘Change Account’ option indicating that a Salesforce account is selected.

  • Provide the Data Connector name.

  • Describe the data connection (optional).

  • Click the ‘Save’ option.

  • A success message appears, and the newly created data connector gets added to the Data Connectors list.

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